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Who is Retirement Taylor Made?

Ailsa Taylor

I’m a mother to three gorgeous girls Jennifer, and twins Charlotte and Elizabeth. I’m a big believer in giving back to the community, so have served on many committees supporting our family’s endeavours be it school, our local Multiples, Gymnastics Club or Scouts.

As a family we like to spend time together in the great outdoors – skiing, mountain biking, tramping local trails.

I started Retirement Taylor Made to help people create the retirement they have been dreaming about – something I love to do and really believe in!

Ailsa Taylor

 What type of advisor am I?

I am a nominated representative under the Booster FAP licence and can give advice on Booster products as authorised by Booster and explained in my disclosure document, more information can be found on the Booster Website by clicking here

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My Story

Money or blades of grass were always discussed as a family around the kitchen table, as a child coming from a farming background.

The concept of savings was a regular topic of conversation but equally so was investing, and what was good debt vs bad debt.

After University I deviated from my intended pathway into the financial services industry. During my time working for Financial Services companies, I loved helping advisers create great outcomes for their clients.

With a family of my own being my priority, I realised I wanted to be the person helping other families create the outcomes they are looking for individually.

Now I work with people from all walks of life, helping them with their KiwiSaver, Investments and more!

Nicola, Public Servant

“Ailsa is the perfect adviser for anyone who needs help from scratch – totally trustworthy, fast, friendly, knows her stuff and will go above and beyond to look after you. No question too dumb or fact too embarrassing to reveal. Great for mums who don’t have time for fuss and financial hype. “

Call us on 0800 Retire

Call us on 0800 Retire