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KiwiSaver is a simple and affordable way for most people to save for their retirement. Lots of people have KiwiSaver, but there’s so much more to just having it!

Can you answer these questions?

Who is your provider?

Does your fund choice most accurately meet your investor profile?
By this I mean does it suit your savings time frame, risk profile and values.

What is your Prescribed Investor Rate (PIR)? If you have left full time work, returned to work, or changed your working hours this could be incorrect.

What percentage are you currently contributing via your salary?

Are you contributing enough now to give you the lifestyle you want in Retirement?

If you can’t answer any of these questions, don’t worry – you’re not alone and that’s what I’m here for! Get in touch and we can make sure your KiwiSaver account is helping you reach your long term goals.

Some examples of what I’ve helped with:

I’ve helped clients stop playing financial twister with their account (having a little bit in every fund a provider offered just because they could, not because they should!).

I’ve also worked with clients who picked the fund one step down from the most ‘risky’ because they aren’t gamblers – it’s important to be comfortable with your financial choices!

Equally I’ve helped clients looking to purchase a house to remove any market risk from their portfolio by stopping their KiwiSaver deposit from shrinking (most didn’t realise there was a risk!).

And I’ve cleared up the confusion for people who thought they were contributing the maximum via their Employer (10%) when they were actually contributing 3% instead.

I pride myself on making things simple.

All of this was done over a cup of coffee with an easy questionnaire, and a chat around financial goals.

KiwiSaver for Kids

Has your child received the $1,000 starter from the government?

Have you reviewed your child’s investment choices to make sure they’re set up for success?

Do you use your child’s KiwiSaver account as a learning tool with them?

It’s important to make sure your child is set up properly in KiwiSaver. And trust me, when they go to buy a house or retire in the future – they’ll thank you for it!

The more your children invest before they have to pay rent, bills and other expenses – the better! KiwiSaver can also be a safe place to invest an inheritance, with the knowledge that it can only be invested into a house or eventual retirement.

As parents ourselves we made a conscious decision to discuss our children’s KiwiSaver accounts with them. After explaining to them how it works, we’ve watched them invest Birthday and Christmas money into their accounts instead of buying the latest game! 

Teaching your child about KiwiSaver is a great tool you can give them, and you’ll be surprised at how excited they get when they realise how much their account could go up over the years!

I am more than happy to meet with you and your child, and talk them through how it all works (in a fun and easy way!). 

By walking you both through the different funds available, we can make sure your child is in the correct one, and set some future goals to help keep them on track!

Australian Super

Have you worked in Australia? Have you considered the impacts of leaving or bringing your Australian Super back to New Zealand.

Things to consider:

Eligibility to transfer funds

Differences between the two schemes (eligibility dates for withdrawals)

Loss of any insurance entitlements associated with many Australian Schemes

Tax impacts on transferring your funds

Currency impacts of the different schemes

Your long term likelihood of remaining in NZ

Any exit fees charged by the fund

Risks associated with your funds being transferred to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

Relocating your Australian Super could be hugely beneficial for you. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch for a no strings attached chat, I’m here to help!

KiwiSaver for Employers

Be a great employer and support your staff through KiwiSaver.

By putting in place an Employer Chosen Scheme for KiwiSaver, you are supporting your staff who may not normally make an active choice around their own account.

I will help empower your staff through giving them access to free no-obligation advice around their own retirement plans, with no cost to you as the employer either!

Just get in touch and I’ll pop in with some morning tea and discuss all things KiwiSaver and retirement related with your staff!

Are you making the most of your KiwiSaver?

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“The club liked the ‘idea’ of An Employer Chosen Scheme, as the Manager it means I have someone to refer staff to for advice, rather than just passing out forms. Putting this in place it has resulted in several young staff members joining KiwiSaver after speaking with Ailsa, and others have sat down for a no-obligation review of what they are currently doing with KiwiSaver. It’s great to have a specialist to refer staff to, it removes any feeling of ‘obligation’ to help them with their questions about KiwiSaver as often we are employing people for whom this is their very first job.

It’s great to know they are getting set up right from the start!

Tracy / Manager – Local Sports Club