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Aleksandra, Principal

“I signed up with Ailsa to maximise my KiwiSaver in preparation for buying my first home. Few months down the track our new home is waiting for us to move into later this month. Ailsa has been a great support and her advice made all the difference. We often underestimate what a well managed Kiwi Saver can do for us. Call Ailsa. It’s worth it!”

Gail, Self Employed

“I have recently signed up with this amazing lady, her professionalism and advice I sure will be great to my benefit. I have appreciated the way she makes things very easy to understand and gave me facts that back up with evidence as to the financial paths that are personally available to me and my personal situation. I am looking forward to discussing with my friends the amazing benefits this lady can bring to their lives and I am looking forward to a prosperous fulfilling relationship. Thank Ailsa so honored to have met you.”

Tracy, Manager, Local Sports Club

“The club liked the ‘idea’ of An Employer Chosen Scheme, as the Manager it means I have someone to refer staff to for advice, rather than just passing out forms. Putting this in place it has resulted in several young staff members joining KiwiSaver after speaking with Ailsa, and others have sat down for a no-obligation review of what they are currently doing with KiwiSaver. It’s great to have a specialist to refer staff to, it removes any feeling of ‘obligation’ to help them with their questions about KiwiSaver as often we are employing people for whom this is their very first job. It’s great to know the are getting set up right from the start!

As an Employer, we’ve helped the staff gain access to financial advice from the moment they join us & it didn’t cost the club anything, in fact we are going to get a donation! Win Win

Nicola, Public Servant

“Ailsa is the perfect adviser for anyone who needs help from scratch – totally trustworthy, fast, friendly, knows her stuff and will go above and beyond to look after you. No question too dumb or fact too embarrassing to reveal. Great for mums who don’t have time for fuss and financial hype. “

From a government official who had previously been contributing to the State Sector Retirement Savings Scheme, but after career change ended up with a KiwiSaver default fund as well, it had just been sitting on a ‘to-do’ list of a busy working parent

Anna, High School Teacher

“Meeting with Ailsa has changed my attitude to Kiwisaver. Previously, it all felt too hard, too loaded with the need to understand complex financial information and make decisions on this or that ‘fund’. I now wish I’d done it sooner! In 20 minutes, Ailsa presented my situation clearly and simply, asked a few pertinent questions, and made considered recommendations with quiet confidence and minimal fuss. I am now in a much better position and thoroughly recommend Ailsa to anyone wishing to sort out their Kiwisaver.”

Lovely to help a high school teacher with her KiwiSaver account knowing how hard she has worked to get to this point in her life.  Running through the questionnaire quickly and the recommendations were just based on the honest answers given by the client. Having the opportunity to discuss and understand what the questions meant in a face to face situation was powerful here.  This review almost doubled the teacher’s expected retirement savings to just under $400,000, with tears in her eyes she asked really? Love my business!

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