Australian super transfer

Australian Super

Have you worked in Australia?  Have you considered the impacts of leaving or bringing your Australian Super back to New Zealand.

Things to consider:

Eligibility to transfer funds

Differences between the two schemes (eligibility dates for withdrawals)

Loss of any insurance entitlements associated with many Australian Schemes

Tax impacts on transferring your funds

Currency impacts of the different schemes

Your long term likelihood of remaining in NZ

Any exit fees charged by the fund

Risks associated with your funds being transferred to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

Relocating your Australian Super could be hugely beneficial for you. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch for a no strings attached chat. I’m here to help!

Tracy – Manager – Local Sports Club

“The club liked the ‘idea’ of An Employer Chosen Scheme, as the Manager it means I have someone to refer staff to for advice, rather than just passing out forms. Putting this in place it has resulted in several young staff members joining KiwiSaver after speaking with Ailsa, and others have sat down for a no-obligation review of what they are currently doing with KiwiSaver. It’s great to have a specialist to refer staff to, it removes any feeling of ‘obligation’ to help them with their questions about KiwiSaver as often we are employing people for whom this is their very first job. It’s great to know they are getting set up right from the start!

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